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Would you move your family to Thailand?


We did. Meet the Clarks. In 1985, we (Rick and Sue) took our two precious daughters to live in Bangkok. Stephanie was 4 and Jessica was 2. Jeremiah was born in Bangkok. After a few years, we were all speaking Thai and loving our Thai friends. For us life was great. But our hearts were breaking.

Thailand is the most Buddhist nation in the world. There are more idols in Thailand than Christians. Hundreds of times more. When people bow to idols they “worship demons” (Rev 9:20). We began to realize that most of our Thai friends were trapped and deceived by demons.

A prayer that changed my life.

Rick ClarkRick Clark

“Ask Me for something so miraculous that, unless I do it, it will never happen.” It was God! I knew He meant it. I thought for two days and answered, “Lord, I would like to nurture church multiplication movements in 100 cities.” I laughed out loud. I thought that would be the end of it. Since that day in 1988 that prayer has dominated my life.

We moved back to the States in 1989 to get more training at Fuller Seminary with Dr. Peter Wagner. We attended the Vineyard and studied the miraculous with pastor John Wimber. Peter invited me to go to Argentina in 1991 to study the revival there with Ed Silvoso. Sue went back with us in 1993. We were immersed in the Spirit. We meet John and Carl Arnott and lived through the renewal that broke out in Toronto. John brought the fire to Pasadena, near our home in Glendora, and we walked through a major outpouring of the Spirit for two years. God was teaching me about the power of the Spirit.

If I was going to nurture multiplication movements, I needed to know that.

Our TEAM is growing.

We established TEAM International as a non-profit organization in 1994, primarily to send short-term teams to the nations. For a decade, I engaged in evangelism and church planting in the States, helping to launch and grow five churches. In 2005 the vision for 100 cities began to be realized, and on July 1, 2006 I left the pastorate to become the full time CEO of TEAM. From our first days in Bangkok in June of 1995, God has marked TEAM with the miraculous. The increasing power of the Spirit of God has emboldened us to do “Catch the Fire” events in Thailand and build our city reaching strategy around “the church in all her glory” (Eph 5:27). Moving into the miraculous takes time.
One thing we have discovered is that God uses teamwork to do things that no one individual can do alone. That is why we invest ourselves into catalytic harvest teams. We have trained hundreds of team members over the years. In fact, our invitation to YOU is to become TEAM player, believing that God wants to reveal His glory TO you and THROUGH you in His own incredible way.

He is growing the TEAM to become a small but effective Gideon’s Army that conquers kingdoms and exalts His name among the nations. It is not our goal to be a sending agency that stations missionaries overseas. Rather, we partner with catalytic national Christian leaders and businessmen to develop nationwide strategies that nurture church multiplication movements in their cities and villages. Our primary international focus is Thailand, the most Buddhist nation in the world. At the same time, we seek to cultivate church planting movements through T4T (Training for Trainers) events in the States.

In addition to TEAM, in 2008 we started the WORLDTEAM Foundation to fight human trafficking. We built a safe house for 20 girls in Mae Sot in 2010. Since 2011 we have been developing the SoCal Restoration Coalition. Once again, our goal is to lead the way in innovative training to equip God’s people to heal the brokenhearted and set captives free.

We have a great team of leaders.

Let’s introduce you. We have a Board of Directors that hear from God. We’re not into name dropping, but we have some good friends on our Board of Advisors

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Oliver Burrows
  • Jeremiah Clark
  • Rick Clark
  • Sue Clark
  • Rick Pratt
  • Jessica Maron
  • Dr. Bala Musa
  • Bri Prince
  • Joshua Prince
  • Tom Sanchez
  • Eddie Sun

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Bob Carter
  • Al Chaix, CPA
  • Dr. Carl George
  • Dr. Charles Kraft
  • Pastor Craig Lawrence
  • Dave Cates
  • Dr. Dave Metsker
  • Dr. Peter Wagner

How to Contact Us

Rick Clark
CEO of TEAM International
Email Rick
626 536 1000

Sue Clark
Director of Advocacy for the Worldteam Foundation
Email Sue
626 831 3168

Nathan Bowman
TEAM/Worldteam Project Development
626 335 6525

Our Home Office
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