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Campus Outreaches

We LOVE leading students to Christ! Recently, we have seen an average of one per week. These precious young people come from our local Elementary, High School and College campuses. They are genuinely placing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Pray that the harvest continues and accelerates!

Let us introduce you to our three favorite “fishing ponds.” As you read about them, please pray about our goal of raising a modest $5,000 (out of our $250,000 Compassion Campaign) to increase this harvest!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Glendora High School (GHS)

We have raised up a group of high school students who are going out to their campus, their peers and sharing the Gospel! Here’s a picture of one of our recent events, with Rich Hung leading students in prayer to make decisions for Christ.

IMG_2508From April 7-11, our FCA club, in partnership with the Christian club, led a week of evangelism. We called it, “What’s your story?” Everyone has a story. A story of their journey to the Lord. Some are still on that journey and others are sharing their story of how Jesus has changed their lives.

In one week we were able to lead several students to the Lord. The most exciting factor is that none of our FCA student leaders are seniors! Our leadership team is both dedicated and gifted. So we still have more time with them, to continue to disciple and send them out. We hope to see Glendora high school radically transformed by the Gospel like never before.

Check out our FCA website

Azusa Pacific University

We thank God for APU students! They have served on our evangelism, healing and deliverance teams for many years, both in America and Thailand. So many of these budding leaders are eager to be trained and led out into the harvest field. On Wednesdays we recruit APU students to do evangelism with us on Citrus College (which is right next door.)

 Citrus College

On Thursdays, our team goes to Citrus College to talk with young people about their spiritual journeys. Over 80% are willing to take our 5-question survey. Our goal is to build redemptive relationships as we encounter the same students over and over again. I am asking people to “pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers” (Matt 9:37) so that we can lead more students to Christ and disciple them.

This story illustrates how God is working. In January 2014, a Christian student teamed up with me and we talked with Kimberly about leaving her Buddhist upbringing and trusting Christ. She wasn’t ready. We lost track of her. Then, three months later, I led another team to share the gospel with three young men. Daniel prayed to receive Christ. Mark was already a dedicated Christian. To my delight, Kimberly walked up to our table and greeted me. Then she shared that Mark is her boyfriend. She was drawn to him because he treats her with such respect. Kimberly is not far from the Kingdom!


This summer as our student leaders finish their semester, we are inviting them to continue learning! We are not teaching them academic subjects but rather are equiping them in Biblical leadership. Our challenge is for them to do a daily study online at our site called iTRAIN. You can visit it at

Here’s our vision. We believe some of these young believers will become a small army of harvest leaders that will accelerate the return of Jesus Christ! They are extremely gifted, teachable and eager. However, two or three hours a week of church is not enough to empower them to win, build and send their fellow students out for Christ. Jesus taught us how to multiply disciples. That is exactly what our prayer is for these students. Pray with us! Then, consider taking our Team Evangelism training yourself. Help raise up this new army for Christ!!!