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The Rising

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Rising Church

We have started the RISING on Saturdays at 6:00 PM at the home of Rick & Sue Clark. We declare that JESUS IS LORD and then we equip God’s people to actually do what Jesus did: Preach good news, heal broken people and set captives free! Is that happening in YOUR LIFE? Want to learn the key? It’s all about Jesus’ glory rising on you

Dying Church/Rising Church

Dying Church/Rising Church is the name of the course that Rick is teaching at Harvest Bible University. It is also the name of his next book. The concept comes from the first three chapters of Revelation. This is where the Lord Jesus stands in the midst of seven churches. He evaluates them. Five are sick. Only two are healthy. He commends some aspects of the dying churches. However, He repeatedly says, “I have this against you.” (In my old hippie days we would say, ‘Wow, that’s heavy!’)

But Christianity is the BEST NEWS on the planet!

Jesus is revealing His glory to His bride. It’s what will enable us to be “the church in all her glory, without spot or wrinkle.” He wants us to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches of the 21st Century. He is calling us back to our first love and our first deeds. Healthy churches equip God’s people to do evangelism and discipleship in the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s what our house church is all about! We are rising to behold His last days’ revelation. It is GLORIOUS!!!

Read through our TEAM International website to understand more. If you live in the area, we invite you to join us. If you are too far away, you can still be trained by Rick. Take the Fire Team Evangelism Course. Or go on iTRAIN and have Rick coach you. The single most important key of the RISING is that we equip you to do what Jesus did in the anointing of Isaiah 61:1.

You Belong in the Rising Church

We promise to equip you in three areas: Gain Your Victory, Heal Dying Churches and Lead Rising Churches (that’s the outline of my book). In Isaiah 61 your anointing will empower you to preach good news, heal broken people and set captives free. You, like others in traditional churches, may have embraced the good news BUT your broken heart is still not healed. Passively listening to another message just won’t get you there. Our restoration ministry (explained in our Worldteam Foundation website) will heal your heart, your body and your soul. We also promise to equip you to heal others and to set them free from demonic domination. (YOU WILL FIND THIS TREMENDOULY EXCITING!)

Take time to prayerfully evaluate your life, your church and your spiritual journey. Read through the TEAM and Worldteam ministry sites. We are not trying to bash your church or any other fellowship that is seeking to be healthy. In Jesus’ name, we commit to empower you to gain your victory so that you can heal dying churches and lead rising churches. Claim with us God’s great invitation to “Rise and shine, for your light has come. The glory of the Lord is rising on you” (Is 60:1).

Our Training

We have developed a 10-week Team Evangelism course. Then in May, 2014 we launched our online iTRAIN Discipleship Program. We also do 4 week Bible studies on the first three chapters of John. Our goal for The RISING is to model church multiplication through an emphasis on team evangelism and discipleship. Our student outreaches demonstrate our anointing to reach the youth of America and raise them up as harvest leaders. We encourage our generation to equip the next generation to prepare the world for the return of Christ.

Having said that, here’s more info about Rick and Sue Clark in case you were wondering who we are and where we came from.


About Us r&S Rick Clark is the CEO of TEAM International. Rick has been in Christian ministry as a pastor, evangelist,revivalist and missionary for over 30 years, traveling to and ministering in over 30 nations. Although Rick founded TEAM in 1994, he has been serving the Lord full time with TEAM since 2005. In 2008, Rick and Sue Clark founded the Worldteam Foundation, an organization that fights human trafficking. They began with a particular emphasis on the needs of Thailand.

Rick and Sue have been married 44 years. They have three children who love and serve the Lord and nine grandchildren. Rick, once a hippie philosophy student, came to know Christ on November 7, 1971. He immediately gave himself to evangelism and in 1976 graduated from Philadelphia College of Bible. After pastoring and growing Oreland Baptist Church in Pennsylvania from 1976-1981, Rick and his wife Sue began 9 years with Pioneers Mission. Rick spent the first two years recruiting and training new missionaries in his role as the Candidate and Deputation Secretary. 9 months after earning his Masters in Missions from the Columbia Graduate School in Columbia, South Carolina in June of 1984, he became Pioneer’s first missionary to Bangkok, Thailand. Rick and Sue landed in Bangkok on June 14, 1985 (their 15th wedding anniversary) with their two daughters, Stephanie and Jessica. Jeremiah was born in Bangkok on May 12, 1986. While in Thailand, Rick continued his studies in Church Growth under the Asia Pacific University. The Clark’s witnessed the miraculous hand of God repeatedly in Thailand, and their vision for reaching entire cities led them, upon finishing their four year term in Bangkok, to study further at the Fuller School of Mission, beginning in 1990. Trips to Argentina with Peter Wagner and Ed Silvoso stirred the vision for the formation of a missionary fellowship, TEAM International, which was launched in August 1994.

The goal of TEAM is “to nurture church multiplication movements.” Our first attempt to reach an entire city was called “Pray Pasadena.” In less than 2 years, “Pray Hollywood” followed. During their time in Southern California the Clark’s also helped start one Thai/Laotian church and four other churches. Rick is focused on evangelism and church multiplication through the development of our Fire Team Evangelism materials. At the same time, Rick travels to Thailand twice a year, doing seminars and revival meetings to help realize the goals of the Fellowship of Christian Business Professionals in their nationwide evangelism effort, “IMPACT THAILAND.” Rick leads teams to Thailand twice a year in July and January. Both TEAM International and the Worldteam Foundation place short-term and long-term American and Thai workers to see Thailand transformed through the mighty love of God.


Find out more about our training here.